2 Jun 2020

Where to Find Remote Internships

Hi there, We’re excited to announce that our new page dedicated to remote internships is now live. For the last few months, our team has been working with My Consulting Offer to find remote opportunities and students to fill them.
The following is a little more information on why we decided to add this specific page where you can find remote internships.
Check out all the remote internships here. If you’d like to post a remote internship, you can do so here. – Alex and the Dynamite Jobs Team

Here's Where to Find Remote and Paid Internships

Above is a screenshot of our new page dedicated to remote internships. Students can now find remote summer internships on Dynamite Jobs. Some of these internships are long term and offer the opportunity to join the company full-time.

Since the outbreak, countless students have been losing their summer jobs and internships are disappearing. For many, the option is to either work remotely or not work at all. With few options available online to find remote internships, students began reaching out to our team for help. One of the entrepreneurs in our private community, The Dynamite Circle (aka the ‘DC’), also reached out to see if we could help these students.

The entrepreneur, Davis Nguyen, is the owner of My Consulting Offer. Nguyen proposed we work with members of the DC to create internships for their companies and use the Dynamite Jobs’ platform to host these opportunities for students. Our teams partnered up to begin creating the internship web page and connecting with companies who could support students.

In partnership with My Consulting Offer, we have launched our page for remote internships.
Find the Remote Internships Here

The page is already full of online internships and we’ll be working towards making it the best place to find paid and remote internships with remote companies. Nguyen shared a few words on why he decided to partner with our team and the need for remote internships during this pandemic.

Why did you decide there was a need for remote internships?

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the experiences I gained during my summer student internships and the mentors I made along the way. I owe it to the experience of those companies who took a chance on hiring a college student and giving me an opportunity to prove myself.

Today, as someone who closely works with students to help them land their dream jobs after graduation, I know how important it is to show future employers that they have the skills to succeed.

But because of COVID-19, a lot of the traditional in-person internships were canceled if they weren’t able to be converted into an online experience. This left meant that a lot of students lost their internship but not their desire to prove themselves and create value for the companies who decide to take a chance on them.

At this moment, after getting emails from so many students from Harvard to UCLA to Ohio State to universities we work with around the world about wanting an opportunity, I wanted to go out and help them find remote internships and not let their talents go wasted for the summer.”

Why did you choose to reach out to the Dynamite Jobs Team to fill this need?

“I chose to work with the DJ team on this project because I know what they bring to the table (especially Alex and Lina) having personally seen the company grow from Day 1 to having hired from the platform.”

What do you think the future has in store for internships?

“During this time, many students have lost their internships so in many ways when they come back to campus, it will be an even playing field as their future employers will know why there is a gap in their resume for the Summer of 2020, however it is those who are proactive during this time, create an opportunity for themselves with a company who is still looking for interns, and absolutely proving themselves during this summer that will stand out ahead. It is as if everyone expects you to only have a high school diploma, but you show you have an MBA. You will stand out.”

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